Running the Club

The Club is run by its members!

Running the Club is more about perspiration than inspiration, and most of the perspiring is done by the Committee, who are elected every year at the Annual General Meeting, held in January or February. All Club members are encouraged to put themselves forward for Committee membership.

The current Committee memebrs are:

Other members:

Your website editor, Dave Atkinson, acts as an ex-officio communications person for the Club. Not being on the Committee he hopes to indulge in inspiring and avoid the perspiring. But, as it turns out, quite a bit of perspiring has been needed to drag the Club into the digital age.  Thank you Mike Morgan for suggesting my full title: Director of Communications! 

The following documents can be downloaded here:

Committee Report and Financial Statements, Year Ending 31.12.2018

Anabasis Constitution

Social Media Statement 

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